Ask Dr. Van Thiel: What Type of Doctor Treats Severe Joint Pain?

Many people wonder what kind of doctor is best for treating severe joint pain. In this video, Dr. Van Thiel provides some insight into what kind of doctor you should see for joint pain, based on your initial pain level: What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Severe Joint Pain? There are multiple types…. read more

Ask Dr. Van Thiel: How Do I Relieve Elbow & Knee Pain?

Experiencing elbow and knee discomfort is not uncommon, and there are a couple of ways to alleviate this pain on your own. In this video, Dr. Van Thiel provides some advice on how to relieve elbow and knee pain: How to Relieve Knee Pain The muscles in the body are all connected, so strengthening a…. read more

How to Know When Hip Pain is Serious

Hips are a powerful and important part of the body, providing us with strength and balance. When mobility and stability are impacted by pain in the hips, our entire lives are impacted. Learn about some of the causes of hip pain, how to address acute issues, and how to identify when hip pain is serious…. read more

Shoulder Nerve Pain – What is It?

In sports, repetitive movement is more or less unavoidable. As a result, athletes are constantly running the risk of getting injured. Over time, factors like age, overuse—or sometimes both—catch up with our bodies and we are more likely to experience things like shoulder pain. Shoulder nerve pain, for example, is incredibly common. Athletes 50 years…. read more

Golf Shoulder Pain: Tips for Treatment & Prevention

Picture this: you’re rounding off your best year of golfing yet—five consecutive tournament wins to date. Suddenly, you suffer from a rotator cuff injury on your left shoulder blade. In spite of all odds, you power through the pain and go on to win the World Golf Championships-American Express with a total of 23 under.…. read more

Why do my knees give out? – Knee Buckling Causes

Have you ever experienced locking sensations in the knee, pain when walking, or feelings of weakness in your quadricep area? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely that you’re suffering from knee buckling. Knee buckling can be described as a sensation of one or both knees giving out that impacts nearly 17% of adults.…. read more

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