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Injuries to the proximal biceps tendon, the distal biceps tendon, and the superior labrum-biceps anterior to posterior (SLAP) tendon complex have long been recognized as a potential source of pain and disability when not properly addressed. Disorders of the biceps tendon are particularly problematic in overhead athletes, throwers, and those who do activities of lifting overhead. As such, problems with the biceps may lead to significant functional disability in both the sport and work environment. Coupled with an improved understanding of anatomy and shoulder biomechanics, advances in surgical techniques have resulted in less invasive and more effective management of biceps tendon disorders and associated SLAP lesions. It is imperative that a rehabilitation program mirror these efforts so as to optimize patient recovery both in the nonoperative and operative setting. The following section will describe the anatomy, examination, mechanism of injury, treatment, and rehabilitation for injuries to the proximal and distal biceps tendon and their associated structures.

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