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Hip Pain in Young Adults

Most of us think of hip pain as a problem that occurs when we’re older, maybe beginning in our 50s or beyond. It’s true, hip pain does become more common as we get older. But hip pain in young adults is common too. And in fact, hip pain in teens is more common than you…. read more

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Your hip joints are among the biggest weight-bearing joints in your body, and that means they wind up being subjected to a lot of daily wear and tear. What are some common causes of hip pain? Not surprisingly, hip pain is a common medical complaint among both women and men. It’s tempting to think of…. read more

Hip Arthroscopy Training Course

Dr. Van Thiel participated in a hip arthroscopy training course with other master instructors such as Drs. Marc Philippon, Thomas Byrd, John Christoforetti and many others this past weekend.  Practice makes perfect and leads to innovation.  Dr. Van Thiel helped train other surgeons on techniques such as labral repair, labral reconstruction, femoroplasty and the treatment…. read more

Hip Arthroscopy: Why You Need a Specialist

There was a time not too long ago when hip surgery meant having long incisions made not only through your skin, but through the underlying large muscles as well. And that, in turn, meant a long road to recovery, not to mention significant discomfort during the recovery process. The good news is, most types of…. read more

Dr. Van Thiel presents at International Meeting on Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy specialist Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel presented at the International Meeting on Hip Arthroscopy in Melbourne Australia. Dr. Van Thiel was asked to present on numerous topics related to hip arthroscopy during this prestigious international hip meeting. Pictured here are surgeons from four different countries along with Dr. William Meyers as the foremost expert on…. read more

4 Common Hip Injuries and Their Symptoms

Types of Hip Injuries Hip injuries may not get as much media attention as knee injuries, but that doesn’t mean they’re not common. In fact, evidence suggests hip injuries actually are becoming more common among athletes of all levels – and even among people who aren’t involved in sports. Regardless of the underlying cause, hip…. read more

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Read about Jack a multi-sport athlete, who suffered from a multi-ligament tear in his knee. Read about Abigail who fell and tore her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Life changing stories of patients healed by Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel.

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