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Ask Dr. Van Thiel: What is the Recovery Time for Hip Arthroscopy?

No matter what type of surgery you get, the recovery process can be daunting. Here is what Dr. Van Thiel would like patients to know about hip arthroscopy recovery: Hip Arthroscopy Recovery Time Varies Recovery time will vary, depending on the activity level and activity type the individual is working back to. However, most patients…. read more

How to Know When Hip Pain is Serious

Hips are a powerful and important part of the body, providing us with strength and balance. When mobility and stability are impacted by pain in the hips, our entire lives are impacted. Learn about some of the causes of hip pain, how to address acute issues, and how to identify when hip pain is serious…. read more

Dr. Van Thiel and the Future of Surgical Education – Live Hip Arthroscopy

Dr. Van Thiel performed a live hip arthroscopy with a new system that allowed a moderator to be in one location, surgery in another location, and an audience across the country. See the facebook post and the full surgical video of a hip arthroscopy – Facebook Post  

Happier, Healthier Hips in the New Year

In the words of pop star Shakira, hips don’t lie. That’s especially true as we get older. All those years of wear and strain on the hip joints can start to tell on us. And eventually, everyday activities like climbing stairs or just getting up from a chair can cause pain and stiffness. Whether you’ve…. read more

Causes of Hip Pain at Night & How to Get Relief

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a busy day or a relaxing day. Getting a full night of restful sleep is really important for maintaining a good mood, staying focused at work or school, and just being healthy. Sleep is when your body regenerates itself, and when we…. read more

Dr. Van Thiel speaks at a conference in Madrid, Spain!

This past weekend Dr. Van Thiel travelled to Madrid, Spain to speak on hip arthroscopy, train surgeons from around the world, and collaborate with other surgeons on new developments in hip arthroscopy! Follow Dr. Van Thiel on Facebook or watch his video presentation at the conference now. Here are some pictures including one with the…. read more

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