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Ask Dr. Van Thiel: What is the Recovery Time for Hip Arthroscopy?

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Ask Dr. Van Thiel: What is the Recovery Time for Hip Arthroscopy?

No matter what type of surgery you get, the recovery process can be daunting. Here is what Dr. Van Thiel would like patients to know about hip arthroscopy recovery:

Hip Arthroscopy Recovery Time Varies

Recovery time will vary, depending on the activity level and activity type the individual is working back to. However, most patients of Dr. Van Thiel will see significant improvement in pain and mobility after about one month of recovery time.

Hip Arthroscopy General Timeline

A typical recovery timeline for many patients looks like this:

  1. A period of crutches for approximately two weeks
  2. A period of restricting activities
  3. Resume normal daily activities within three to four weeks post-surgery
  4. Athletic activities such as running or working out takes approximately three to four months post-op
  5. Full recovery generally occurs around six months after hip arthroscopy

What are the Benefits of Hip Arthroscopy?

Patients who undergo a necessary hip arthroscopy enjoy less pain, less stiffness and improved joint mobility afterward!

Dr. Van Thiel is a Trusted Expert in Hip Arthroscopy

If you feel that a hip arthroscopy surgery could be beneficial for your hip pain, communicate with an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible, such as Dr. Van Thiel.

Make an appointment with Dr. Van Thiel today, or call our offices for more information.

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