Knee Stretches  for Pain

Of all the joints, our knees are arguably the ones most likely to feel pain.  While knee pain is often caused by injury, it can also be caused by issues with the surrounding connective tissue or cartilage (i.e., knee tendonitis and bursitis).

Understanding Knee Pain

Stretching is a great way to prevent and treat knee-related pain. This is because stretching loosens the muscles surrounding the knee, reducing joint pressure in the process.

Does Stretching Help With Knee Pain?

Explore Knee Stretches

Stretch Quads


Lying face down, bend your knee and loop a towel around your ankle. Gently pull towel to stretch muscle on the front of the thigh.  Perform 2 sets of 30 seconds, twice a day. 

Knee Squats


Standing with feet shoulder distance apart, slowly bend knees to 90 degrees. Hold for 5 seconds, and return to standing position. Perform 3 sets of 10, twice a day.

Lumbar Bridging


Lying on your back with knees bent, lift your buttocks off the floor and return to starting position. Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions, twice a day. 

Side Lying Stretch


Lie on uninvolved side, with lower knee bent for stability. Keep knee straight on involved leg, lifting leg upward. Return to start position and repeat.