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How Sports Massages Can Boost Performance and Recovery


Read how to improve athletic performance with sports massages.

This kind of therapeutic massage considers the impact of certain activities on specific parts of the body to prevent injuries, such as:

How Sports Massage Helps Prevent Injuries



Muscle groups



Soft tissue groups

Everybody is different, but many athletes find that their performance improves with the use of sports massage.

Can Sports Massages Increase Athletic Performance?

Does SMT help athletic recovery as well?

70% of participants in the study agreed that SMT increased their muscle strength and improved their flexibility.

Sports Massage Benefits


Speeding up Recovery with Sports Massages

Reduced muscle tension

Increased blood flow

Enhanced psychological effects

These effects are known to improve the recovery process for highly physically active individuals. 

Implementing multiple types of exercise and recovery methods can help you stay strong, healthy and active.  Sports massage therapy is a great approach for athletes to try in order to:

A Holistic Approach to Sports Medicine

Relax their muscles

Get better sleep

Release toxins and lactic acid buildup

Perform well in their sport

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With years of specialized experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Van Thiel values the positive impact therapeutic sports massage therapy can have on his patients.