Dr. Van Thiel Continues Efforts to Help Treat Patients Virtually

Dr. Van Thiel was recently featured in a set of news segments to pay tribute to surgeons who are helping connect to patients safely during the pandemic with the help of telemedicine. 

Beginning in April, Dr. Van Thiel made the choice to remain as available as possible to patients during the pandemic, by shifting to a push for telemedicine. He offered a range of services that allowed patients to schedule a visit and receive a consultation from the comfort of their own home.

“Now all of the sudden I can have a video conference with a patient, where I can see them, they can show me whatever’s bothering them, and then I’m actually able to take people through MRIs and X-rays and really have a comprehensive visit over a video visit,” Dr. Van Thiel said”

van thiel featured for telemedicine efforts

See the clips below to hear more about Dr Van Thiel’s outstanding efforts to connect with patients virtually. 

Doctors and patients turn to the virtual world for treatment during Coronavirus outbreak

Eyewitness News on Telemedicine

Using Telemedicine

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