Dr. Van Thiel on Why Chronic Pain Sufferers Don’t Seek Help

Dr. Van Thiel was recently interviewed for an article on knee pain in Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine.

While much has been written about how healthcare costs affect patients ability or willingness, that’s not the only issue holding back patients from getting treatment.

In response to a recent survey from Vericel, “A Look at How Knee Pain is Keeping us on the Sidelines,” Dr. Van Thiel suggested that “for healthcare executives, it’s important to know what factors (i.e., the cost of surgery or fear the surgery won’t work) are preventing patients from seeking care and why patients are waiting so long to get treatment for their knee pain.

The survey revealed that 30 percent of respondents to the survey indicated the costs associated with treatment was the reason for avoiding medical attention, but there were other reasons as well, including 30% believing they could live with the pain, 29% indicating they were too busy, and 24% indicating they were simply becoming used to their knee pain.

Talking with a provider,” said Van Thiel, “may help knee pain sufferers better understand what treatment options are available to them so they can get back to enjoying their favorite activities.

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Why Chronic Pain Sufferers Don’t Seek Help


Start Treating Chronic Knee Pain

Did you know that Dr. Van Thiel is world-renowned for treating chronic knee pain? Read some of the most recent information from Dr. Van Thiel on knee pain below: 

Common Causes of Knee Pain Without Injury
Of all the joints, our knees are arguably the ones most likely to feel pain. Lots of injuries can cause knee pain. Car accidents falls and sports accidents are some of the most common causes of knee injuries, like fractures, torn ligaments, and sprains.

Understanding Knee Pain in Young Adults
Sore, aching knees might seem like a problem only older people experience, but guess what? Plenty of younger people have knee pain, too. But while the symptoms may feel similar, younger people tend to have knee pain for different reasons.

Best Exercises for Stronger Knees
Football season is here, and that means soon, the sports news will be full of stories of athletes with “blown” knees. It’s true, football puts a lot of stress and strain on the knees, mostly from running and pivoting. But you don’t need to be a pro athlete to have pain and stiffness in your knees.
Treating Chronic Knee Pain
Acute knee pain is pretty common — most of us have experienced at least mild knee pain after a day of strenuous activity. And in those cases, painful symptoms usually go away after a little rest and maybe an ice pack or two.

The Trouble with Knee Pain Relief Aids
Over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen have revolutionized the way Americans treat minor pain. Today, many men and women avoid trips to the doctor and choose to self-medicate instead. While nonprescription pain relievers can play a role in relieving pain, some studies show they’re being used too often.

Tai Chi for Arthritis Related Knee Pain
Wave hands like clouds. Repulse monkey left and right. White crane spreads its wings. If these phrases sound familiar to you, then you’re probably a practitioner of tai chi. And if you’re not, maybe you should be — especially if you suffer from knee arthritis.


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