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Ask Dr. Van Thiel: What Type of Doctor Treats Severe Joint Pain?

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Ask Dr. Van Thiel: What Type of Doctor Treats Severe Joint Pain?

Many people wonder what kind of doctor is best for treating severe joint pain. In this video, Dr. Van Thiel provides some insight into what kind of doctor you should see for joint pain, based on your initial pain level:

What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Severe Joint Pain?

There are multiple types of both pain and joints that could need attention. Because of this, it’s a good idea to first see a primary care physician if the pain is mild or is short-term.

If your joint pain is extreme and has been hindering you from everyday life for more than a few weeks, seeing an orthopedic doctor is the best option.

Dr. Van Thiel is a Nationally Recognized Orthopedic Surgeon Specializing in Joint Pain Treatment

If not treated correctly, severe joint pain can lead to preventing you from doing the things you love.

Dr. Van Thiel’s mission is to get his patients back to an active lifestyle by specializing in surgery of the hip, shoulder and knee.

Read the recovery stories from patients of Dr. Van Thiel here!

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