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Ask Dr. Van Thiel: How do I Relieve Elbow and Knee Pain?

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Ask Dr. Van Thiel: How do I Relieve Elbow and Knee Pain?

Experiencing elbow and knee discomfort is not uncommon, and there are a couple of ways to alleviate this pain on your own. In this video, Dr. Van Thiel provides some advice on how to relieve elbow and knee pain:

How to Relieve Knee Pain

The muscles in the body are all connected, so strengthening a related muscle group can help knee pain. Focusing on strengthening the lower extremities, such as core and quad strength, will allow the knee to function better and take care of pain.

Try These Stretches to Relieve Knee Pain:

  • Quad stretch
  • Knee squats
  • Lumbar bridging
  • Side lying stretch

How to Relieve Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is typically related to inflammation around the muscles and tendons. One of the best ways to reduce inflammation around the elbow is to stretch.

Try These Stretches to Relieve Elbow Pain:

Dr. Van Thiel says, “Stretching at the wrist and the hand actually stretches the muscles and tendons at the elbow and helps it feel better.”

There are also holistic methods one can try to help reduce inflammation, such as massaging essential oils over inflamed areas and eating anti-inflammatory foods.

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