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Are you Suffering from Knee Pain?

Knee pain is a common orthopedic problem that can originate without any injury, from a traumatic incident, an injury with a torn ligament, or from overuse issues such as bursitis and tendonitis.

Sometimes pain can improve with rest, medications, injections, or physical therapy. Other times, knee surgery is necessary to correct the issue and alleviate the pain.

To determine your proper treatment and prevent injuries and pain from worsening, you should get evaluated by a qualified orthopedic surgeon. 

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Knee Pain Relief

As a patient, your treatment will begin with a careful assessment to identify the specific cause of symptoms so you can feel confident you’ll receive the most appropriate care for your needs, using state-of-the-art approaches for optimal results. 

If you’re having knee pain, delaying treatment can result in long-term disability.

Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel now provides specialized orthopedic care in the comfort and convenience of your home thanks to advancements in Telemedicine.

Common Knee Procedures

(ACL) Tear/Reconstruction

ACL injuries often are caused by movements like pivoting or changing direction rapidly, both of which can result in twisting, stretching and tearing of the ligament. Landing poorly after a jump or slowing down quickly when running can also cause ACL injuries, and some can be caused by direct impact injuries. 

Very mild ACL injuries may be treated with a knee brace and crutches along with physical therapy to restore strength in the joint and the muscles that support it, but most ACL injuries require surgery to prevent instability and future injury.

Meniscus Tears The meniscus is a C-shaped wedge of cartilage that acts as a shock absorber for the knee joint, providing a thick cushioning between the ends of the thigh bone (or femur) and the shin bone (or tibia).  

Minor meniscus tears and many degenerative tears respond well to conservative treatment options like rest, application of ice, anti-inflammatory medications, and sometimes injections directly to the joint to relieve inflammation and pain. In other cases, a minimally-invasive procedure called knee arthroscopy may be the better option.

Cartilage Restoration

Many conditions can cause or contribute to knee pain, but statistics show that in most cases, chronic knee pain is due to cartilage-related damage involving the femoral condyle, the two “bumps” or “knobs” that protrude from the lower end of the thigh bone (or femur).

Many patients with cartilage problems are able to relieve their symptoms and continue their active lifestyles with cartilage restoration procedures. Cartilage restoration uses different techniques to rebuild the cartilage covering of the knee. The techniques used are focused either on supplementing the existing cartilage with a cartilage graft or on stimulating the bone to produce new cartilage.

Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel

Dr. Van Thiel

“Great results can only be achieved if a patient has a thorough understanding of their condition and the treatment options available to them. In many cases, there are multiple right answers and the goal of effective care is for the patient to arrive at the option that will provide the best and quickest return to activity.”

Leading orthopedic knee surgeon in Northern Illinois

Dr. Van Thiel – a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries of the musculoskeletal system – can help you achieve your goal and get back to an active lifestyle. His advanced training in complex knee ligament surgery and innovative cartilage restoration procedures can help patients preserve their knee joint and return to all of their activities. 

Dr. Van Thiel’s orthopedic practice focuses on minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery of the hip, knee, and shoulder. He is widely considered a leading expert with over 70 publications and 80 international presentations. His practice focuses on compassionate cutting edge care with a relentless pursuit of improving outcomes and returning patients to an active lifestyle.  

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